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Which Fish Are Consumed in December?

December is a month when fish can be caught in abundance, waiting for the sea water to be cold. Particularly the fish of the Black Sea region are at their most delicious and abundant state in December. Those who ask which fish are consumed in December can comfortably consume the following fish species.

Fish consumed in December: anchovy, horse mackerel, gray mullet, atlantic bonito, toric, and mackerel are served in their freshest form.

The star of the eat consumed in December is anchovy. It is a small fish that lives in salt water. It stands out with not only its nutritional value but also its flavor. Like anchovies, horse mackerel is abundant and can be caught every month in our country, but the most delicious period is between November and February. Because of the cold sea water in December, its meat becomes fatty.

Horse mackerel is very beneficial for the eyes and muscular system.It is also a rich source of vitamins A and E.

The favorite answer to the question which fish are consumed in December can be atlantic bonito and its family. Atlantic bonito is from a family that also includes mackerel and toric.The species of this family are found in all our seas, but the most delicious ones are the ones caught in the Black Sea and Marmara. It is at its most delicious form until mid-February.

Since it is the period when many fish are at their freshest form, various options are offered to those who prefer fish. And for you, we answered the question which fish are consumed in December? We are looking forward to see you at Sunmare if you want to enjoy a nice dinner with your loved ones at a fresh, delicious, and varied table.

You may find the fish calendar we have created for you here if you are looking for an answer to the question of which fish to eat when throughout the wealthiest parts of the fishing season.

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