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Updated: Aug 9, 2022

In this blog post, we will talk about what to eat next to fish in our Sunmare non-alcoholic fish restaurant and what to consume after eating fish. What are the foods besides fish that are beneficial to your health and digestion and that are not? We have described it in detail.

What to Eat With the Fish?

We can't finish counting the benefits of lemon, which you will squeeze to sweeten your fish and add a piquant air to it. Lemon, which is already a storehouse of vitamin C on its own, becomes an integral duo when combined with fish. With the intense vitamin C contained in lemon, it reduces the toxic waste and radiation rate in fish, while strengthening your immune system and also facilitating your digestion. Experts often recommend squeezing lemon on your fish. To increase vitamin C supplementation, we also recommend that you eat a green salad with lots of lemon alongside fish. Green salad with lemon sauce is a great way to increase vitamin C supplementation.

What Can not Be Eaten with the Fish?

It is a very common habit to consume arugula next to a beautiful fish. It is very difficult to imagine your preferred fish, usually without arugula next to it. However, arugula reduces the absorption of calcium that you will get from fish consumed with its bones. If you know that your body needs calcium, we recommend that you do not consume arugula next to fish.

Let's come to the consumption of products such as yogurt and buttermilk, the consumption of which is the subject of discussion by experts and experts from all over the world, and which we hear about most often. Experts note that the yogurt and buttermilk that we will consume next to the fish will be a problem for you and your health if the fish is stale. Experts recommend mineral water with lemon instead of drinks such as cola, soda, and fruit juice, as it reduces the beneficial effects that fish will have on your body. If you are sure of the freshness of your fish, there is no harm in drinking buttermilk next to the fish. At the Summary Non-Alcoholic Fish Restaurant, you don't need to hesitate to consume yogurt or buttermilk next to the fish that we have carefully selected for you. We always serve fresh fish in season.

Now that we have explained what to consume and not to consume next to the fish, let's look together at what is consumed and not consumed after eating the fish.

What Is Consumed and What Is Not Consumed After Eating Fish?

Is it possible to drink salep after eating fish? Is milk drunk after eating fish? such questions have become quite familiar. What should you pay attention to after eating fish?

It is among the recommendations that sweets containing milk and dairy products should dec be eaten after eating fish. But again, experts note the difference between fresh and stale fish. Because the “histamine” protein contained in stale fish is much more than in fresh fish, it again creates a toxic effect when it interacts with milk, which has abundant histamine ratios. There is no need to worry about them, as we offer you the freshest varieties of fish in the Sunmare Non-alcoholic Fish restaurant.

Dense sorbet desserts are likely to disturb your digestive system and stomach due to their high sugar content, so sorbet desserts are also not recommended after eating fish.

So, what should the last link in the food chain eat for dessert after eating your fish with pleasure? Our main recommendations will be to eat light desserts and halva after eating fish.

Why Is Halva Preferred After Eating Fish?

Halva is the most preferred dessert by the majority, which helps you digest fish both with its taste and after eating! In order to be light, you can close it with halva, which is also the solution for low blood sugar levels that may occur after eating fish. Halva protects the harmful metals collected by the fish from the seas, radiation, and toxic components with the ratio of tahini it contains and helps to maintain the acid balance in your stomach. Halva not only helps your digestion but also is beneficial to your health. Maybe you were eating without knowing these details, but there are a lot of reasons why you should prefer halva after eating fish. We recommend you to eat semolina halva with ice cream from the hands of our Master chefs in our Sunmare Non-Alcoholic Fish restaurant.

After the fish, you can use your other dessert preference in favor of our chocolate desserts. We recommend that you do not miss our chocolate delicacies such as mocha pie, volcanic and soufflé, which are carefully prepared by our chefs.

In this article, we told you about what to eat next to fish and what to consume after eating fish. If you like it, we also recommend that you read our Fish Table Appetizers blog, where fish tables are the must-have appetizers.

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