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Which Fish Are Consumed in October?

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

As the weather gradually cools down, October is one of the most vibrant months of the fish season for fish lovers who want to diversify their tables. The months of autumn are among the most important months for fish consumption. As such, people are looking for the answer to the question of which fish are consumed the most in October. Because no matter how important fish consumption is, it is just as important to consume fish in season and fresh. So, which fish are consumed in October?

It is very important to know which fish to eat in which month. Because the quality and taste of fish vary depending on the season. So, which are the most delicious fish in October?

The fish that feed and fatten in the Black Sea come to the Sea of Marmara in October. For this reason, fish has a distinct flavor in October. Red mullet, sea bream, sword fish, bluefish, sea bass, striped red mullet, sardine, bonito, grouper, and blue spatled bream are pretty delicious.

The first fish that comes to mind in October is undoubtedly bonito. Bonito is at its most delicious in this month.Bonito, which contains plenty of phosphorus and sulfur, is among the most popular and most preferred fish in our country. It is among the fish with the most vitamin D in its meat.

Bluefish from the Black Sea also experiences one of its most delicious periods in this month. In October, bluefish fish became abundant and cheap on the fish stalls. We can see this fish on the stalls until February. Bluefish, a scaly fish, is a strong source of vitamin B12.

Anchovies and horse mackerel have also taken their place on the stalls. Horse mackerel is very tasty this month.In summary, bonito, bluefish, anchovy, and horse mackerel are among the most consumed fish in October.

Swordfish, which is abundant in the Black Sea and Marmara, particularly in the Aegean, is also very rich in protein. It contains plenty of phosphorus, vitamin B, selenium, omega-3, and potassium.The flavor of swordfish, which reduces the likelihood of developing cancer in case of regular consumption, is also very good.

In terms of fish diversity, October is a feast for fish enthusiasts.This is why they have started to seek an answer to the question of which fish are consumed in October? We are looking forward to see you at Sunmare if you want to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones while enjoying a wonderful dinner at a fresh, diversified, and inviting table.

You may find the fish calendar we have created for you here if you are looking for an answer to the question of which fish to eat when throughout the wealthiest parts of the fishing season.

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