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Appetizers for the Fish Table

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

How about we crown the fish that takes its place on the table with the opening of the fish season with the fish table appetizers we have prepared for you? So, before you start cooking your fish, let's start making salads and appetizers that will spice up your table.

Appetizers constitute an indispensable group of foods that have a separate place for our tables and should be consumed before the main meal in Turkish cuisine. In European cuisine, appetizers called hors d'oeuvres are usually served cold or hot as an aperitif before the main meal. Instead of filling your stomach, they take their places at the table in small portions but in many different varieties to prepare you for the main meal that will come after, to appeal to your eyes and taste buds, and to add a pleasant taste to your conversations.

It is possible to combine the appetizers of Thrace, the Aegean dec the Mediterranean, and various countries and create a feast on your table. surrounded by the seas on 3 sides and one of the richest geographies in terms of food culture, our country also has various fish species from each other.

Jul, fava, spicy paste, eggplant salad, which are easy to provide in winter, may be the right choice to place appetizers such as hummus, fava, spicy paste (acılı ezme), eggplant salad next to the fish that will be made in the winter season. In the summer season, it will also be quite the right choice to prefer purslane (semizotu) with yogurt, garlic, and olive oil. If it is necessary to list the appetizers that we can recommend for 4 seasons as the Sunmare Non-alcoholic Fish restaurant and that you prefer the most:

  • Fava: Fava, which will crown your fish dish, is a delicious appetizer made from broad beans.

  • Humus: Hummus, which is one of the must-haves of fish tables, is one of the delicious appetizers consisting of boiled chickpeas after several processes.

  • Acılı Ezme: It is especially decently suited next to baked fish, accompanied by spicy pate toast, which takes its place among the appetizers that are very suitable next to fish.

  • Atom: Atom, which is an unforgettable appetizer with a mixture of dried Albanian pepper with yogurt and sauce, is among the appetizers that are called a must-have next to fish. Decadent Albanian pepper is a must-have appetizer with yogurt and sauce.

  • Girit Ezmesi: This appetizer, which reaches our tables from Greek cuisine, will add color to your tables with the harmony of walnuts, cheese, and garlic.

  • Köpoğlu Mezesi: This Köpoğlu appetizer, which is identified with Thrace, takes its place on your tables with its unique combination of eggplant, pepper, tomatoes and vegetables.

  • Levrek Marin: Sea bass marin, which is one of the dec of fish tables, is among the appetizers that are easily made at home.

  • Börülce: Known for its nutritional value and benefits, börülce is another kind of appetizer that suits your fish table taste quite well.

  • Hibeş: Hibeş, which has reached our tables from Antalya region, is one of our delicious appetizers prepared with the harmony of tahini with lemon, garlic, salt, cumin and black pepper.

  • Muhammara: Muhammara, which has taken its place among both practical and delicious appetizers, is among the frequently preferred appetizers for dec decoloring fish tables.

Do not forget to choose our appetizers that will make your table and conversations festive before your main meals with our appetizers that require a lot of effort and care, our small presentations that reflect the tastes of our distinguished cooks. As a Sunmare Fish Restaurant, we continue to flavor your fish tables with more than 40 fish table appetizers. Thank you for choosing us. Enjoy your meal.

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