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Which Fish to Eat in February?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Fish is very beneficial for both children's health and adult health due to its nutritional value, the vitamins and minerals it contains. Fish eaten during the season is richer in nutritional value. It is known for being fresh and very diverse in winter. We are pleased to welcome you with our February flavors after we left the first month of the new year behind. Let's look at which fish to eat in February together.

Haddock, which is one of the most delicious fish of February and the most attached to the nets, becomes large, which adds flavor to its taste.

It is a well-known fact that Kalkan fish loves harsh winter conditions, so you can make your choice in the direction of our shield prepared by our experienced chefs.

Sardines, Salmon and Mackerel, which are very rich in omega 3, and are grown and hunted in their natural environment; also come to the fore at Sunmare, a non-alcoholic fish restaurant.

We can also recommend our Prawns, which are one of the most abundant seafood products with vitamins and can be consumed for 12 months, separately from them. Fish and seafood are very important in a healthy diet, as they are a source of vitamins and minerals. In particular, selenium and iodine are minerals that are abundant in seafood.

It is also known to all of us that fish is a source of omega3. In addition to the known health benefits of Omega3 in fish, eating fish reduces the risk of heart attack, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. It has a contribution to the development of intelligence and the repair of body cells. Tabir, anchovies, kalkan and perch, which are plenty of vitamins and recommended for consumption by experts in February, have taken their place in our menu!

We examined which fish are eaten in February and what are the most delicious varieties of fish. Next up is our summer of fish eaten in March. Come on, let's read together.

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