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What Fish to Eat in August

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Fish consumption, which is very important for health, pleases fish lovers in August. Because the barren period is over and the period of increasing diversity is entered. So what fish to eat in August? In this article , we will talk about the fish to eat in August .

By experts , Fish, which should be consumed at least 2 times a week by experts, should definitely be in our diet. Different fish are caught every month in the fish season. Although all of them have important nutritional values for our health, the important thing is to consume the fish on time.

So what are August fish? In August, bluefish, yellowmouth, yellowfin, tuna, sinarit, rock fish, horse mackerel, bluefish, bonito are consumed.

Roasted Fish Served with Lemons
Best Fish Picks for August

Bluefish and bonito took their place in the stalls in August. Bluefish is one of the most delicious fish living in the seas of our country. Although it is a fish species that can be caught all over the world, the bluefish caught in and around the Bosphorus are more oily and delicious. That's why he is known as the lord of the Bosphorus. Bonito is one of the first fish that comes to mind in our country. Bonito, which is highly nutritious, is one of the most consumed fish among the people.

During this period, sardines are among the fish that can be consumed comfortably. The most delicious season of sardine fish, which is abundant in our country, is between July and October.

Red mullet, also known as red mullet, is among the delicious fish of August. It is known as the big version of the mullet. It is red and pink in color. It is a scaly fish with a round body and is very tasty.

In general, August is a month when fish diversity increases after the stagnant fish season of the summer months, new fish start to take their place on the counter, and the fish regain their taste.

In this article, we talked about which fish are eaten in August and what are the characteristics of these fish. If you also liked our article You can read our article titled which fish to eat in July .

For those who start to open the fish season with the end of summer, for the fish calendar we have compiled the answer to the question of which fish to eat in which season, just click here.

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