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Which Fish to Eat in April?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

As the weather gradually began to warm up, huge tables began to be set up with our loved ones. It is the advice of experts that, there should be fish on the tables at least 2 days a week. The more important thing about eating a fish is to eat the particular fish during its season. It is very important to consume fish during the season in terms of protein, vitamins, and minerals that can be taken from fish. Vitamin and protein ratios that you can get from certain fish species in certain seasons can be maximized. So which fish to eat in April? In this article, we will be talking about the fish you can eat in April.

Before we talk about which fish to eat in April, it is worth telling about the benefits of eating fish during this season. Why should we consume fish in its season? Because it is very important to preserve the diversity of fish species and for the continuation of their generation, and in terms of taste.

April is one of the months when there are at least fish on our seas. But even though there are few fish, the most delicious fish can be found this month.

Well in April we came to the question of which fish should be eaten; in April, Thornbut, Gray Mullet, Seabass, Whiting Fish, Flounder, Red Mullet, Loufer, Seabream, Red Snapper, Mendole, Sturgeon, Cod should be eaten. You can prefer these tasty fish for your meal.

The most hunted fish in April are Thornbut, seabream, and Seabass. Thornbut is one of the most delicious fish in April. Barbel and Red Mullet are hunted the most in this month. In April, among all the fishes that should be eaten, the Red Mullet is the leading one. The meat of the Red Mullet fish is very tasty, and it is useful to consume it this month.

The Black Sea and Marmara Seas bid farewell to the season for the hunting ban, which will begin on April 15th.

What fish to eat in April? in our article titled, we told you about eating fish in season. If you think it's important to eat fish during the season, it's time to eat fish prepared for you at Sunmare!

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