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Which Fish to Eat in March?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

In March, one of the most curious questions is which fish to eat in March. Surrounded by the seas on three sides, our country is naturally known for its rich taste and varieties of fish. Experts recommend eating fish at least two days a week. Moreover, fish meat contains less saturated fat than red meat and chicken meat. Tasteful fish choices have Omega 3, protein, rich vitamins, and minerals. The freshness of the fish is as important as eating fish twice a week. So, what fish should we eat and when we should eat it? Let's look together at what fish are eaten in March.

It is quite important to consume fish in season. If we eat summer season fish in winter, the fish will not benefit us to the maximum. If we answer the question of which fish are eaten in March; silver, mendole, whiting, Thornbut, sturgeon, rockfish, Gray Mullet, or Seabass, are going to be your optimal choices for your and your loved ones' meals. Fish are abundant in our seas in March. Especially in March, you can often see Thornbut, Seabass, and Gray Mullet on the stalls. Moreover, they are very tasty.

In March, the Bluefish began to decrease. Mackerel has started to become a fish like chiros this month.

The more important it is to eat fish according to its freshness according to the season, the more important it is where we eat it. Of course, our answer to the question of which fish are eaten where in March is the non-alcoholic fish restaurant Sunmare. At Sunmare, you can consume delicious fish freshly prepared for you.

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